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Sanctuary of Transformative Art

Tara Mural Worldwide Project

TARA MURAL PROJECT - 2000 and beyond

Artist: Marianna Rydvald

Homage to my precious Teacher, 16th Gyalwa Karmapa who told me to paint citywalls in America.

When His Holiness Karmapa visited Europe in the 70's seeing the murals I painted there, He gave much encouragement, saying, "Be true to your own style, study the old traditions and work on the transition from the old to the new" Homage to Venerable Sakya Dagmo Jamyang Palmo, an emanation of TARA, being of great solace and inspiration to her many spiritual children.

Tara is one of the many names and forms of Primordial Mother, vibrant space, embodiments of Wisdom and Compassion and the Mother of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. The Buddhas are the Enlightened Ones and the Bodhisattvas are their spiritual daughters and sons. They perform enlightened activities, like shepherds, guiding beings onto the path of Enlightenment. Always remaining and returning to existence until all Beings, all existence is fully Enlightened.

1984, I completed a sketch for a large mural of TARA, to be painted in New YorkCity due to an invitation from the National Endowments for the Arts. Later I wastold by a project committee, that the funds were not sufficient. I was waiting inNew York with materials but without wall space. Instead, I completed largecanvases of TARA, and later departed to Bodhgaya, India, to paint an interiorTemple in a Tibetan Monastery, depicting the life story of Shakyamuni Buddha.

I have painted murals in Europe, United States and India for urban, communityand spiritual projects. I enjoy painting murals so many people may experience visions that uplift their spirit. I studied Fresco painting at the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm, Sweden and in Mexico. Later I decorated the ceilings of the Orchestra Hall, Detroit.

I am committed to the TARA MURAL PROJECT. As long as I feel physically fit, Iam ready to climb scaffoldings. I believe that large 3-7 story murals of TARA in cities all over the world will have a strong, positive, and healing influence.

At the completion of each mural we wish to invite Venerable Sakya DagmoJamyang Palmo, to give Teachings of TARA and Initiations. We wish to invite fellow artists, dancers, singers, musicians, to celebrate our great fortune to be here, practicing the Good Heart.

I pray that funding will materialize, to provide us with wall spaces on suitablebuildings, scaffoldings for 3 - 6 weeks, preparations of the walls, materials, funding towards the artists work and expenses, The walls should not face direct sunlight for too long each day. It secures the longevity of the colors. Outdoor murals lasts for a long time, provided they are cleaned, restored and sealed about every 15 year. The murals can also be painted on indoor walls in public places such as in Hospitals, Prisons, Universities etc.

I pray that these projects will inspire people to study, practice preciousDharma, establishing inner peace.

Innumerable Women were repressed for ages by warlords, patriarchs, cardinals, generals and so forth. It is wonderful and beneficial to create forms of Primordial Mother, an abode of peace within Beings.

Great Spirit is beyond duality. Awaken reverence for Primordial Mother,vibrant space, establish equanimity.

Innumerable White Buffalo Calf Women are stomping across the prairies of Samsara, awakening Beings.

Anybody who feels inspired to bring people together for this project, please contact:


Marianna Rydvald
PO Box 445
KULA, HI 96790

Tel: 808 573 3499
Fax: 808 878 4185


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