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Bodhgaya Temple - Life of the Buddha

Shree Maya Devi - Dreaming Scene

Karma Tharjay Chokhorling, Bodhgaya, India 1984-1987

Shree Maya Devi - Dreaming Scene

Shree Maya Devi

Birth Scene of Prince Siddhartha

Prince Siddhartha - Testing Strength & Marriage

Prince Siddhartha - Testing Strength

The Four Noble Truths

Old Age

Artist at work


Daughter Anana assisting artist

Leaving Yasodhara and Rahula

Interior of Temple

Tapasya scene


Sujata offering rice milk to Shakyamuni Buddha


Artist at work - Enlightenment scene

Angulimala scene


Animal refuge scene

Animal refuge scene

Turning the Wheel of Dharma - Saranath

Mahapari Nirvana

Mahapari Nirvana

Birth Scene with Artist

Temple Grounds

Marianna Rydvald is available for indoor and outdoor mural commissions.
Please contact Dakini Unlimited.
All artworks can be ordered as prints (see order form for pricing).

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